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November 22, 2020

4 Steps to Take After a Pressure Cooker Injury

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As the popularity of pressure-cooking rises, the possibility of design defects or manufacturing problems can also increase. Because of the high steam pressure used by the cookers, the destruction and damage done if the pot explodes can be extreme. If you are injured by an exploding pressure device, here are four steps you should take.

1. Seek Medical Attention

If you are burned, hurt by the shrapnel, or scalded by the steam when a pressure cooker explodes, seek medical help immediately. Even if you feel fine, a burn can be more severe than it looks – often leading to the need for skin grafts or physical scarring. Do not wait for an appointment with your primary care doctor — go to a hospital or urgent care center immediately. Follow the medical provider’s advice, whether it is to stay in the hospital or go home, because this will be important to your legal claim.

2. Preserve the Scene

Do not clean up the scene without taking pictures of the cooker from several different angles. Also, do not throw any of the broken parts away; instead, store them in a box so that an investigator can determine the cause of the defect or malfunction. If your pressure cooker exploded, you might find tiny pieces of the pot throughout your kitchen. Make sure you keep all the numerous parts, no matter how small they are.

3. Understand the Possibilities

When a cooker is under pressure and explodes, injuries can be extreme. Not only can 250-degree liquid spray across the room and burn your skin, but the metal can also bury itself into your body as the pot rips apart. This can lead to scarring, internal injuries, blindness, severe burns, and sometimes even death.

4. Contact a Lawyer

Contact a lawyer, like a personal injury lawyer from Patterson Bray, about the situation and request help in filing a personal injury legal claim as soon as possible. Since an exploding pressure cooker would fall under a product liability claim, make sure your attorney has experience with that type of lawsuit and can explain the details of how your case will proceed.

Trust Your Attorney

Once you find an attorney you know can handle your personal injury and product liability claim, relax. Your lawyer can contact your insurance company, help you defer medical payments, assist you in seeking compensation for your pain and suffering, and possibly get time off work due to the injuries you incur. You can trust your attorney to fight the legal system while you take time to heal.

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