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September 24, 2017

3 Reasons To Use Video Depositions

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Video depositions are becoming used more and more in court these days. In a video deposition, the court can assess the witness’ demeanor and use that to determine if he or she is credible or not. Lawyers have relied heavily on this technology for several years now for many reasons, such as:

  1. Initial witness testimonies can be documented effectively for later assessment.

There have been various instances when witnesses have attempted to change their testimonies. If a witness tries to change his or her testimony on the stand, having video testimony is invaluable. A lawyer can talk about a witness’s original statements in the video deposition if he or she says something different in court.

  1. Witnesses can provide valuable testimonies regardless of where they are located.

There are witnesses who can’t attend a deposition in person for a variety of different reasons. Maybe that person can’t get out of work or has a medical condition that prevents him or her from traveling. That is another reason why video depositions are so essential to have. court reporting agency providing deposition services are all around the country and have technical equipment that can record information that a witness provides in a deposition. The great thing is that witnesses are not required to be in the same city as the legal firm handling the case.

  1. Video depositions display body language, which may be very important when determining the authenticity of a witness’ testimony.

Video depositions are also important because they reveal a witness’ body language. Certain non-verbal cues can give a lot of insight to his or her authenticity, maybe even more so than what he or she says. For example, if a witness is looking down or fidgeting a lot, it might be a sign that he or she is not telling the truth. If a witness is crossing his or her arms, it can indicate defensiveness. These depositions may even be reviewed at a later time by psychologists or professionals who may assess the witness’ body language.

Video Depositions: A Growing Trend

These are just a few reasons why video depositions are so critical to have. Having a video of a witness’ testimony can be very powerful in a courtroom. Whether you wish to investigate a crime or establish the validity of a personal injury claim, video testimony can be a big help.

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