When it’s time to hire top workers’ comp lawyers Milwaukee WI offers, you may not realize it right away. This is one reason why the lawyers of Hickey & Turim offer a free, no-obligation case review.

Milwaukee WI workers’ comp lawyers may greatly increase the success of your claim, and may help you receive maximum compensation. Very often, the amount of damages they recover on your behalf is greater than the amount of compensation you were initially offered by the insurance company.

Guidelines for When It May Be Time to Hire a Workers’ Comp Lawyer

Many workers’ comp lawyers in Milwaukee WI do not charge clients a fee unless they win a lawsuit or negotiate a settlement, but confirm this when speaking with them. There is no substitute for legal advice from a qualified lawyer, but this guideline may help you with what to consider before making a decision.

  1. If you’ve suffered a major injury. Many workers’ comp lawyers Milwaukee WI victims trust would consider a major injury to be one that requires hospitalization or causes long term symptoms or effects.
  2. If the insurance company is not cooperating with you, and as a result you have not received payment after a reasonable period of time.
  3. If your workplace injury case is complicated, and your injury is severe or permanent.
  4. Your employer denies your claim, or your employer has retaliated against you in some way for filing a workers’ comp claim. This can include an undeserved demotion, termination, or intimidation. These are serious charges to make on top of a workers’ comp claim, which is why a respected attorney on your side may make a substantial difference.
  5. You might have an additional claim against a third-party. Though you cannot take legal action against your employer for accident damages if you accept workers’ comp, you can file a lawsuit against a third-party. Proving third-party liability is usually tricky, which is where an attorney can help. Most workers’ comp lawyers Milwaukee WI employees hire have resources that are unavailable to laypeople. This often includes medical and technical consultants who may help prove a strong case.

When Representing Yourself is Acceptable

Not every workers’ comp case requires legal assistance from an attorney. When you discuss your case with workers’ comp lawyers Milwaukee WI employees turn to, you’ll have a clearer understanding. Generally speaking, the following circumstances may not always require the injured worker to hire a lawyer:

  1. The workplace injury was minor.
  2. No time off from work was required for medical reasons due to the injury.
  3. Your employer acknowledges that the injury occurred while you were at work, and therefore you qualify for workers’ comp benefits.
  4. You do not have a pre-existing condition in the same injured area on your body,, or the current injury is not the same as a previous injury.

Don’t Take Chances

Because our attorneys offer a free case review, you have nothing to lose by calling us. If you have suffered a major injury in a workplace accident, find out if an attorney might be of help. Contact the lawyers of Hickey & Turim for a free consultation with an experienced workers’ comp lawyers Milwaukee WI has to offer.