Workers Compensation Lawyer Waukesha, WI

Workers Compensation Lawyer Waukesha, WI- lawyer in meeting with clientFinding the right workers compensation lawyer Waukesha, WI residents rely on knows how to help residents with their claim is essential if you want to obtain the best possible case results. When an accident happens at work, you should do the steps necessary to see if you are eligible for a claim. Don’t miss out on your chance to recover compensation which can go towards your losses. Contact an experienced and reliable worker’s compensation lawyer like one from Hickey & Turim, SC if you need assistance with a claim. 

Workers Compensation Lawyer in Waukesha, WI

As a workers’ compensation lawyer in Waukesha, Wisconsin can explain, employers do not always make the application process simple, which makes it hard for employees to actually receive their benefits. Having a lawyer guide you through every stage of the claims process can simplify the steps you need to take, grant you peace of mind, and give you a higher chance at being awarded a higher benefit amount. The experienced team at Hickey & Turim, SC know what is necessary to provide clients the outcome they deserve. To receive legal assistance with a workers’ compensation claim, contact our office so that you can set up an appointment.

Common Injuries That Workers’ Compensation Lawyers See

Common workers compensation injuries include the following: 

  • Fractures
  • Concussions
  • Lacerations
  • Muscle strains
  • Punctures  

Many workers suffer injuries as a result of slipping, falling from a great height, defective tools, or getting caught in machinery. If your injury was not a direct result of on the job tasks, then it will not qualify for worker’s compensation benefits. Some situations however, can be complicated , so if you need help determining whether or not you can file a claim, reach out to a lawyer. 

Note that some injuries do not qualify you to receive workers’ compensation. This includes injuries suffered as a result of fooling around at work, instigating fights with employees or management and ones that occurred off-site. If you are not sure whether your injury makes you eligible to receive benefits, consult with an experienced lawyer.  

What To Do If You Suffer an On-The-Job Injury

Doing the right steps if you suffer a workplace-related injury can help protect your rights. You must inform your manager or supervisor at your work right away so that they are aware of the problem. After reporting the incident, see a doctor and get medical attention promptly so that your injuries can get treated. Avoid making mistakes that can harm your claim. Remember to take these actions if you get seriously injured at work so that you are able to file a claim properly. 

Legal Assistance is Available

Workers’ compensation claims are not always easy to file, but with a lawyer’s support you are much more likely to get the benefits to cover your expenses. Don’t wait to talk to a lawyer and receive assistance with a claim. Contact a trusted workers’ compensation lawyer in Waukesha, WI.