Social Security Disability Lawyer in Milwaukee, WI  Social Security Disability Lawyer Milwaukee, WI

How Do I Get My SSDI Claim Approved? 

As a Social Security disability lawyer in Milwaukee, WI knows, like one from Hickey & Turim, SC, disabilities can affect you in many different ways. Many people living with disabilities face many different struggles, from being able to afford the cost of treatment and other expenses. The Social Security Disability program is designed to help individuals who have a qualifying disability, which are usually severe. Many people rely on these benefits for financial support, but they can be hard to obtain. Here are some things that you should know about applying for disability benefits. 

What do I need to prove my disability? 

The Social Security Disability program is highly strict, compared to worker’s compensation or other benefit programs. For you to receive benefits, you must meet certain eligibility requirements. In order to prove that you have a disability, some of the main requirements include meeting the definition of a person with a disability and that you are unable to work because of your disability. Submit documents such as your employment history, Social Security number, any related medical reports by your primary doctor and other medical staff that you see for your care. 

What disabilities are eligible? 

There are a range of disabilities that a person must have so that they are eligible to receive benefits. These can apply to both adults and children. Qualifying disabilities include musculoskeletal disorders (arthritis), impairment of special senses (loss of vision or hearing), cardiovascular illnesses, issues affecting digestive system, and respiratory illnesses such as asthma. Talk to a Social Security Disability lawyer if you are unsure whether your disability qualifies. 

What reasons can get a claim denied?

There are critical mistakes that can result in your claim getting denied. Filling out your claim with misleading or false information and forgetting to include details about your injury are common reasons for the denial of many Social Security Disability claims. There needs to be sufficient medical evidence that you have a disability. The reason your claim was denied could also be related to other factors, such as income, your disability is temporary or your disability is not severe enough. However, you can request an appeal if your claim was denied, such as for medical reasons. 

What if I need a larger benefit amount?  

Certain life changes may make you eligible to receive a higher benefit amount. Some of the qualifying life events include the death of a spouse and if you have a deceased adult child that was supporting you financially. There are other unique circumstances that may enable you to increase your benefit amount, so to learn more discuss your case with a lawyer. 

If your claim was rejected the first time, you should not give up in trying to get your claim approved. It can be hard to obtain the Social Security Disability benefits that you depend on to support you when you have trouble getting your claim approved. Schedule a risk-free consultation with a Social Security Disability lawyer based in Milwaukee, WI and they will be able to provide you with legal assistance.