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Medical Costs in Wisconsin Among the Highest in the Country

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A recent article from the Badger Herald discussed the exceptionally high medical costs in Wisconsin for injured workers. Senate Bill 536, which the Wisconsin State Assembly passed last Tuesday, did not address rising work-related medical costs. “While I take issue with some of these proposals,” said Aaron Reilly, author of … Continue reading

Wisconsin’s Civil Service System is threatened by a New Senate Bill

Wisconsin’s Civil Service System is threatened by a New Senate Bill

A recent Cap Times article addressed Senate Bill 285, a bill proposed by the Walker administration and Republican leadership in Wisconsin this past fall. As the article states, this bill “would destroy key parts of Wisconsin’s 110-year-old civil service system.” These “key parts” of the system include everything from unemployment … Continue reading

Wisconsin Law Journal Sets the Record Straight where Spiros’ Bill is Concerned

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In a series of previous posts, we discussed a new bill proposed by state representative John Spiros, in which dramatic changes are suggested to the Workers’ Comp system. We touched on the bill’s proposed change of employer directed care for injured employees, as well as reducing the statute of limitations … Continue reading

Professional Fee Schedules Yield Lower Prices Paid for Injured Workers

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A new study by the Workers’ Compensation Research Institute investigated prices paid for medical professional services for injured workers. The study found that prices were “lower and growing slower in states with price regulations in the form of fee schedules, as compared with states that do not have them in … Continue reading

Roofing Contractor in Wisconsin Ignores Safety Regulations for Workers

Scott Walker Wants to Destroy What's Left of American Unions

A recent article reported a Wisconsin roofing contractor ignoring laws for the fourth time in three years. In Bloomer, Wisconsin, the contractor has ignored federal inspectors twice, and state inspectors twice, allowing employees to work at heights of up to 25 feet without fall protection equipment, the article said. … Continue reading

Can you lose your Job for Seeking Workers’ Comp Benefits?

Can you lose your Job for Seeking Workers’ Comp Benefits?

In a previous post, we discussed the fear of keeping one’s job after an injury at work. We learned that according to a study from the Workers’ Compensation Research Institute, this fear exists in 18% to 33% of workers. This year in West Virginia, a man is suing his employer, … Continue reading

What Does it Mean for Workers when Business Opt Out of Workers’ Comp?

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What would this country look like if there were no Workers’ Compensation laws? What if injured workers were told where to seek medical care and how often by their employers? What if injured workers also were not compensated for their time away from work or had to pay for all … Continue reading

Democratic Lawmakers Speak Up About Workers’ Comp Benefit Cuts

Wisconsin’s Civil Service System is threatened by a New Senate Bill

In a previous post, we discussed businesses in states like Texas and Oklahoma opting out of Workers’ Compensation. This shift to drop Workers’ Comp has been covered on several news pages, and some of our nation’s Democratic leaders are speaking up about the matter. A recent NPR article talked about … Continue reading

Josh Turim Receives Super Lawyers Award

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Josh Turim, a partner and shareholder at Hickey & Turim, S.C., recently received the Super Lawyers award. He was selected to be one of Super Lawyers’ Rising Stars in Wisconsin. The Super Lawyers award is given annually to less than 5% of attorneys in Wisconsin, and no more than 2.5% … Continue reading

Will the Worker’s Comp System Change to Include Independent Contractors?

Will Worker’s Comp System Change to Include Independent Contractors?

Usually when we think of Worker’s Compensation, we think of all employees at various companies and corporations being protected by law if they are injured at work. After all, in Wisconsin, the law states that if employers have more than three full or part time employees, they are subject to … Continue reading