Car Accident Lawyer in Milwaukee, WI  Car Accident Lawyer Milwaukee, WI

What Should I Not Do After a Car Accident? 

A car accident can leave you feeling shaken, and it can be a terrifying experience if you were in one that caused you a serious injury, as a car accident lawyer in Milwaukee, WI knows. When you are a victim in an accident, knowing what to do can protect you and ensure that you have the evidence and information you need to file your claim. However, it’s important to keep in mind what things you should avoid doing as well, as a car accident lawyer in Milwaukee, WI can tell you, such as one from Hickey & Turim, SC

Do I Need to Stay at the Accident Scene?

One of the first things you should do after an accident is to notify the proper authorities. Call the police to report your accident right away. While you wait for the police and medical personnel to arrive, stay at the scene no matter what. If you leave the scene for any reason, especially when a person is injured, you can be charged for a misdemeanor or felony. There are other penalties you can face as well, such as  There is no reason for you to leave an accident scene, so wait for the emergency responders to arrive. 

What if I Want to Refuse Medical Attention or Treatment?

If you have been in a car accident and have had minor injuries or were not harmed, you may think that getting medical attention is not necessary. However, getting medical treatment promptly accomplishes certain things and is important for several reasons. First, a doctor’s report is compelling evidence that supports your claim that you were in a car accident. They will find out if there are hidden injuries you have or emotional trauma. This allows you to understand what treatment you need, as well as prevents insurance companies from trying to dismiss your claim. 

Can I Share My Case Details?

You should not share your case information and details with anyone other than your lawyer. If you proceed with the claims process, your case will have confidential information and this should not be shared with anyone. This applies to posting about your accident on social media. The investigation is ongoing, so while facts and evidence are being collected, refrain from disclosing any details. If you share too much information, this could be used against you. 

Should I Accept the First Settlement Offer I Receive? 

If you are given a settlement offer by the insurance company after a car accident, think twice before you accept it. Since insurance companies are profit-driven, they are not inclined to act in your best interest. If they can, and they usually will, they will go out of their way to give you the lowest compensation package they can. Always have a lawyer review any offer that is given to you before you accept it. 

There are multiple benefits to reaching out to a trusted and experienced car accident lawyer. Act now and schedule a consultation with a top-rated car accident lawyer in Milwaukee, Wisconsin that clients trust.